With over thirty years of combined Sales and Marketing experience, Cody and Heather Swansborough launched Shout Out Agency Inc. in 2009. Coming in as marketing managers, as athletes, as sales representatives and West Coast lifestyle enthusiasts the two were able to create a multi-faceted agency that meets the needs of brands on every level. 


They are committed to creating long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with every company they represent and the retail partners they work with.

Shout Out Agency retains a large dealer network that spans across multiple trade channels and specializes in brand development with an emphasis on sales. Armed with keen knowledge of fashion, trends, marketing and merchandising, they seamlessly tell each brand’s story in a consistent and focused manner. Their attention to detail is unparalleled. 


Shout Out Agency is built on the cornerstone philosophy ‘To not only meet, but exceed the expectations of their customers and the brands they represent’.




We are committed to being amongst the most respected and successful sales agencies in Western Canada.


We pride ourselves on the great relationships that we have with all of our retailers and distributors, and we are motivated to make sales and sustainably grow the brands that we represent.  ​

  • A combined 25+ years of sales experience.

  • Extensive knowledge of retailers in both Alberta and BC.

  • Extremely well connected in the action sports industry and beyond.

  • Committed to providing our retailers with the highest level of customer service.


All of our brands achieve marketing excellence - from grass roots initiatives to large-scale innovative events, we have been an integral part of the execution.


Being actively involved with our retailers, continually increases brand presence through visual merchandising, events, in-store branding and staff training.   ​

  • Overall strategic and operative responsibility for some of the nation’s largest events.

  • Creative and innovative with careers built on developing solid, positive relationships.

  • Expertise driving revenue growth and maximizing brand visibility.   

  • Outstanding leadership talent and communication.


Shout Out looks for opportunities to grow your network and expand your business.


Through our business development intiatives we work alongside brands to create opportunities for long-term value in growing your network, expanding your business and bridging gaps between customers, markets and relationships.​

  • Growing Market Share

  • Monitoring current market trends

  • Analyzing and improving product



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